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The Ultigraph Designs

(Pronounced: Ul-ti-graph [últigraf])

A Creative and Professional Graphic Design Agency that Creates and Prints Graphic and Web Designs for Local and International Clients. Our three core services include but not limited to:

Company Branding and Identity/Product Packaging (Ultigraph Branding)
Image Works and Graphic Paintings (Ultigraph Image)
Web Design. (Ultigraph Web)

Ultigraph Designs seeks to create affordable contemporary creative designs ranging from:

Ultigraph BrandingUltigraph ImageUltigraph Web
Product Label DesignsDesign and Large Format Printing of Pictures (Size up to 2 x 3ft, Material: Polymer)Business Website Designs
Product Package Customization (e.g PET bottle)Enlargement, Lamination and Framing of well-designed Pictures.Portfolio /Gallery Website Designs
Organization & Company Logos (2-D & 3-D)Digital Painting and Framing of Pictures. (Pure Art)Weblog (blog) Designs
Letter Headed PaperAnd other above related services.Ecommerce Website Designs
Business cards
Company's T-shirt
Product Advert Fliers, Posters, Stationeries, Billboards
Car Branding
& Other Customization as Pertain to Companies and Organizations.

Our designs are quite unique, aesthetic and organic. As our inspirations are being drawn from what we see around us. Our passion for creative works and experience in the modern technology aids us to create extraordinary, beautiful and practical graphics and web designs which meet the taste of our Quality-Loving-Clients. Our clients’ ultimate satisfaction is our ultimate delight and pride.

Our team is made up of young talented, creative, passionate and experienced graphic and web designers within the country. We work closely to ensure that we keep to the company's philosophy of going for the ultimate designs to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

Our mission is to create quality designs and printing for our clients by making use of the creative minds and the competent hands; that will, in turn, overturn normalcy and incompetent hands in the industry over time.

Our vision is to become the African leading graphics and web designs company which ultimately satisfies their clients, empowers young talented and creative designers and creates innovations and standards in the industry.




Obinwugo Chinaza C.



A Complete day for him, is when he has done something creative with his PC, be it graphic design, web design or writing on blog. He loves good food and music.

Stephen Chinemerem J.



A Creative designer, that sees what others may not see but really matters. With his favorite music playing while working he can do wonders.




We love what we do. We are passion driven. We understand that a brand’s success starts from

Inside-out. Thus, we keep the passion alive by being always motivated to achieve great outputs.



Thinking beyond the box is our favorite metaphor. We think creatively to achieve great results.



We are progressive. We go for new and better ways things can be done to ensure our client’s ultimate satisfaction.



We believe we can make money without cheating. Thus, we uphold truth and honesty in all we do. Be it within the team or dealing with our clients

Best Output


We believe that whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Thus we give nothing but the best.

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© 2017 The Ultigraph Designs. All Rights Reserved

... Awesomely Creative

© 2017 The Ultigraph Designs. All Rights Reserved

... Awesomely Creative

© 2017

The Ultigraph Designs.

All Rights Reserved